We invite all those who are currently reading in the green skills arena, as part of a research project, or a course of study, to review for the website a paper, report or chapter that they have found particularly useful from the perspective of green skills research. The review can be short (1-2 pages or 500-1000 words), informal but edited, proofread and fully referenced. If the piece being reviewed is in the public domain a copy or hyper link would be useful, too. To start the ball rolling, Dr Eureta Rosenberg reviews a paper by Dr Peter Ferguson of Australia, which was published in 2014 in Environmental Politics (24(1), 17-37). Called “The green economy agenda: business as usual or transformational discourse?” this piece provides a useful historical overview, analysis, and recommendations that have important implications for researchers thinking about the discursive practices that frame studies on ‘skills for a green economy’.  Submit your own review here: eureta@worldonline.co.za