The first offering of this new course in Johannesburg was attended by 22 practitioners and managers from government (SETAs, Auditor-General office and others), NGOs, industry bodies and universities. The contact sessions took place from October to November 2017 and participants will receive their final assessments in May 2018.

Developed for skills planners and researchers, this blended course is accredited by Rhodes University and co-hosted with Wits University. Its aims are to support a network of organisations and individuals working on green skills, by sharing the research methods and planning tools generated in the Green Fund funded Green Skills programme.

To receive the Certificate of Competence, participants needed to attend all contact sessions and were tasked to complete three workplace focused assignments. These assignments addressed key topics relevant to participants’ work contexts, including: Industrial Energy Efficiency Courses at TVET CollegesYouth in Renewables & WasteDemand for Green Skills in Public Procurement System, and University green campus.

For information on the second course, please contact Wits University Centre for Researching Work and Learning  (REAL) or the Environmental Learning Research Centre (ELRC) at Rhodes University.